Improve Customer Experience while reducing costs. Possible? 

It is with Saisei!

Get more out of your existing network

Traditionally networks are required to run at 50%-60% link utilization to cater for bursts in TCP/IP traffic. Saisei allows you to run your links at 95%-100% utilization without impacting on user experience.

Traditional QoS is not good enough

Traditional QoS relies on antiquated techniques of queuing and packet shaping delivering brute-force QoS that drops sessions even at 50% link utilization. Through patented flow-technology, Saisei manages the flow end-to-end, delivering an assured user experience.

Improve Video Delivery

With video accounting for over 70% of internet traffic – and rapidly increasing, service providers need to manage video traffic efficiently to survive. Saisei’s patented flow-maangement algorithms are able to effectively manage flow rates without stallling sessions. No more buffering video!

Reduce overheads in network management and decrease Customer Cost to Serve

Through Real Time granular network visibility, Saisei provides you with the tools required to instantly identify problems on your network. By analyzing each and every flow (not samples), network managers can efficiently manage problems on the network. Additionally, customer complaints can be quickly and accurately identified resulting in a higher first call resolution rate.

Big data made small with actionable analytics

Know exactly what is happening on your network – by user, application, geolocation, BGP AS – all in Real Time, viewable in user-friendly. easy to understand dashboards. Saisei intelligently summarizes billions of data points into 40 key met- rics to provide actionable analytics with the ability to deep-dive through flexible queries. Additionally, Saisei’s machine learning capabilities quickly “learn” normal network behavior and automatically alerts when abnormalities occur.

In REAL Real Time

Don’t miss critical occurrences on your network due to time delays in receiving data. With Saisei, you get 100% visibility in Real Time. Unlike Netflow collectors who need to store/forward and then report – Saisei provides real Time visibility of every single flow (not samples) without introducing large network overhead.

Detailed historical reports on demand

Troubleshoot occurrences on your network historically, on demand. Saisei stores key network data for 2 years, providing you with retrospective detailed analysis of every single stored data point.

User-friendly Drag-and-Drop Dashboards

Saisei’s intuitive dashboards mean that operators can start obtaining meaningful network insights and intelli- gence right away. Additionally, all data is also available through advanced REST-API allowing full integration into third-party applications.

“FlowCommand gave me the feature set I wanted from a visibility and analytics standpoint at the same price as the Netflow software solutions, and I gained much more granular visibility and traffic management I wouldn’t have gotten from any of them.

Smoothing out the Netflix traffic was one of my biggest concerns, but the combination of much deeper, real-time visibility, analytics and control that I got from FlowCommand was a huge win for us.”

Jason Guinn

Head of Network Operations, WIZ Tech

Network performance enforcement

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Saisei provides you with in-depth granular visibility, and then the ability to set policies to correct under-performing applications and/or users.

Improve Video Delivery

Network Managers are constantly faced with having to make a trade-off between high quality video, or acceptable internet experience. Video is susceptible to buffering due to limited bandwidth and particularly during congestion. Additionally, video quality may constantly switch as a result of inconsistent bandwidth and sessions are prone to stalling, requiring user intervention.

Saisei FlowCommand provides seamless, high-quality, video streaming by controlling packet drops to prevent buffering stalls and dropped video sessions. This means that smooth traffic is provided which prevents switches between video resolution, and network managers are able to prioritize video without degrading other bandwidth users.

Host Equalization (Fair Use)

Stop your network from becoming overloaded by a few high-consumption users. Protect the overall integrity of your network, and maximize the experience for all users, by applying Saisei’s advanced Fair Use capabilities. Through easily configurable policies, service providers can elect to either provide fair use across all users, or in a tiered approach where certain groups of users or applications are provided with additional bandwidth. Groups can easily be defined against Service Provider rate plans.

Bandwidth distribution
without Fair Use

WISPs - Saisei

Fair Use applied in
Tiered manner

WISPs - Saisei

Fair Use applied in
Equal manner

WISPs - Saisei

What people are saying

First Cagayan Converge Data Center “Fair usage was the biggest requirement for us, but FlowCommand has provided a number of other great benefits in terms of much more advanced and instantaneous visibility, analytics and control. The control of our bandwidth is markedly better across the board. We’ve improved bandwidth utilization by more than 30%, which has translated into a more than $80,000 bandwidth cost savings and delayed capex on upgrades for more than 6 months”

Edgardo Lopez, First Cagayan Converge Data Center, Inc. Chief Technology Officer

Sunway Information Technology “Saisei’s software has paid off in a number of ways. The two gaming operators who threatened to take their business elsewhere have decided to remain our customers. And we’ve been able to eliminate the 5-millisecond latency that can terminate a gaming session and its associated revenue.”

Daniel Soh, Assistant General Manager, Sunway Digital Wave

NHN Entertainment “Saisei’s software is critical for us. It’s helping us provide a high-quality gaming experience to our end users around the globe which is important to increasing customer loyalty and expanding our business. Saisei’s software is unique in its ability to do micro-flow level monitoring without packet capturing. It’s extremely easy to use. We looked at many of the top networking products but they were very costly and complex, and most were hardware based so we couldn’t utilize our unused servers in our data centers.”

Joohwan Kim, NHN Entertainment Infra Operation Team Leader

Fort Bend County Libraries “FlowCommand gives us great visibility and control, and also does an excellent job of augmenting the security on our network because we can see so much more. From the dashboard, we can now immediately see where traffic is coming from – and can really hone in on, for example, the top 25 applications being used and by which users, devices and locations – on a second-by-second basis. We’ve also gained a lot more control by using the software’s host equalization capability, which ensures every user has equal access to our local Wi-Fi networks and gets great applications performance, regardless of how many users are on the network or what applications they are running.”

Raymond Miranda, Network Specialist at Fort Bend County Libraries

network world testimonial “Saisei’s software suite brings order to chaos and makes the network a highly predictable system that can achieve utilisation rates over 95%.”

Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research

light reading testimonial “Using Saisei’s patented flow control technology, FlowCommand manages traffic without queueing, buffering, scheduling, or random packets drops.”

MITCH WAGNER, West Coast Bureau Chief, Light Reading

it world canada testimonial“Vendors that make competing network optimisation solutions like Cisco Systems, Riverbed and Silver Peak have been trying to do something similar but haven’t put the pieces together yet the way Saisei has.”

Howard Solomon, former editor of and Computing Canada

ema testimonial“The combination of deep visibility plus granular, automated, policy-based control has long been sought as the holy grail of network capacity and performance optimisation.”

Jim Frey, vice president of research, Enterprise Management Associates