The Saisei FlowCommand Family of Network Performance Enforcement

Improve Customer Experience while Reducing Costs!

Saisei FlowCommand delivers advanced Network Performance Enforcement software with cutting-edge real time network visibility, analytics and control capabilities. By implementing Saisei, network managers are able to increase customer experience through our Next Generation Quality of Service & Host Equalization capabilities, whilst reducing operational expenditure – all through a flexible, cost-effective software solution running on commodity hardware or in a virtual environment.

  • Get more out of your existing network! Run your network at 95%-100% utilization without impacting on Quality of Experience.
  • Full Network Visibility in Real Time! Get 100% visibility on your network in real time. Saisei analyses every single flow without adding large network overhead.
  • Eliminate bandwidth hogs! Enforce fair share across the network to ensure that key users or applications do not unfairly impact the Quality of Experience of others.
  • Protect critical traffic. Ensure critical applications are protected (e.g. streaming & voice), and non-critical applications managed (software updates)

To solve your network edge problems we had to fix TCP/IP

FlowCommand uses patented flow-engine technology that literally changes the way that TCP/IP network traffic under its control behaves. All other networking, security and analytics solutions are forced to operate at the mercy of random, best-effort routed IP data packet transmission. We changed those rules. In doing so, we were able to completely re-engineer how flow control, security and visibility can be realized when using “domesticated” TCP/IP flows.

FlowCommand runs on x86 processors atop commodity hardware, either as a bump-in-the-wire on a server in the data-forwarding path or as a VM under hypervisor control. The software can monitor up to 5 million concurrent data flows on a 10G link 20 times per second. As a multi-bump installation our software can manage up to 40G.

While examining the flows it can apply any combination of up to 40 bandwidth, business and security policies to each flow and execute those policies in under one second.

Saisei FlowCommand Plus, FlowCommand and FlowVision subsume or replace some of the functionality of older, stand-alone appliances, such as WAN optimizers, packet shapers, application delivery controllers, APMs, NPMs, IDSs, next-gen firewalls and more.

FlowCommand Plus






FlowCommand controls

FlowCommand Plus

Control, Visibility, Analytics & Security

FlowCommand Plus offers the highest level of functionality.

It has added security and control features designed specifically for service providers and for the largest of distributed enterprise customers. Specifically, FlowCommand Plus offers our full set of flow-based security capabilities, including comprehensive data exfiltration controls, real-time DDoS controls, and spotting and throttling Botnet activity in real time as attacks begin. FlowCommand is a Linux software suite that can run on x86 processor cores on bare metal commodity servers, or as a VM under hypervisor control (VMware or KVM), or both. It can monitor and control data flows between two virtual servers, between two physical networks or between a virtual network and a physical network. These networks can be legacy TCP/IP networks or SDN/NFV-based networks. FlowCommand Plus also includes an intuitive RESTful API plus GUI and CLI interfaces, making it easy to integrate into third-party systems, such as orchestration tools for SDN and NFV.

Next Generation Traffic Management and Fair Sharing

Among the service provider features specific to FlowCommand is a unique capability called Fair Sharing. Technically a form of host equalization, Fair Sharing instantly solves the problem of a small group of users attempting to take a disproportionate amount of available bandwidth. When faced with rogue users or peer-to-peer applications, such as BitTorrent and Encrypted BitTorrent, FlowCommand can classify all host flows as a “single” flow and give it exactly the same percentage of available bandwidth that every other flow in the network receives. Or, it can completely block specific traffic if that is the policy.

Fair Sharing can also be applied differently to different classes of applications. In this case, critical business applications can be grouped together and assigned a high percentage of the available bandwidth with the remaining bandwidth being equally divided among the remaining flows.

There are no Limits

When FlowCommand is in control of mission-critical network links, every single flow is associated in real-time with the:

  • Application it is serving (for example, a specific website or business application, or a protocol such as VoIP)
  • Geographic location it is serving (generally a country or city)
  • Hosts (internal and external) it is connecting
  • Users it is serving (via an address-to-user database such as Microsoft Active Directory or OpenLDAP)
  • Custom groups — applications, geographic locations, hosts and users can be combined into groups (for example, a group could consist of all countries where a company has business partners, or all applications whose network usage is to be tightly controlled)


Control, Visibility & Analytics for Smaller Enterprises

FlowCommand is designed for small – to medium-sized enterprise users.

It has the innovative capabilities and features of FlowCommand Plus without the service provider and large enterprise elements, such as REST-API and security augmentation features.

The control, visibility, security, ease of use and third-party integration you need, without the stuff you don’t.



Real-Time Visibility and Analytics

FlowVision is designed for network operators who want an unprecedented level of real-time visibility of all the activity on their network but who do not currently wish to exercise control.

All the scalability and performance of FlowCommand are included in FlowVision, which can either sit in-line like FlowCommand or can run off of a network tap or SPAN/mirror port. FlowVision is ideal for real-time investigation of network issues and comes with comprehensive reporting capabilities across more than 40 metrics and includes in-depth historical reporting.

FlowVision can be easily upgraded to FlowCommand or FlowCommand Plus to realize all the potential of next-generation Network Performance Enforcement.

FlowCommand™ Visibility

Watch this overview of Saisei’s application visibility functions.

FlowCommand™ Host Policy Control

See FlowCommand’s user policy control available through the host policy map configuration element.

FlowCommand™ Host Equalization

Learn how FlowCommand’s equalization capabilities can manage all flows in an equitable manner.

ZK Research Report on Network Performance Enforcement

Life at the Enterprise Edge Drives the Need for Network Performance Enforcement.

Saisei Network Performance Enforcement Solutions Data Sheet

Never drop a user session again, regardless of how much traffic is running through your network.

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What people are saying

First Cagayan Converge Data Center “Fair usage was the biggest requirement for us, but FlowCommand has provided a number of other great benefits in terms of much more advanced and instantaneous visibility, analytics and control. The control of our bandwidth is markedly better across the board. We’ve improved bandwidth utilization by more than 30%, which has translated into a more than $80,000 bandwidth cost savings and delayed capex on upgrades for more than 6 months”

Edgardo Lopez, First Cagayan Converge Data Center, Inc. Chief Technology Officer

Sunway Information Technology “Saisei’s software has paid off in a number of ways. The two gaming operators who threatened to take their business elsewhere have decided to remain our customers. And we’ve been able to eliminate the 5-millisecond latency that can terminate a gaming session and its associated revenue.”

Daniel Soh, Assistant General Manager, Sunway Digital Wave

NHN Entertainment “Saisei’s software is critical for us. It’s helping us provide a high-quality gaming experience to our end users around the globe which is important to increasing customer loyalty and expanding our business. Saisei’s software is unique in its ability to do micro-flow level monitoring without packet capturing. It’s extremely easy to use. We looked at many of the top networking products but they were very costly and complex, and most were hardware based so we couldn’t utilize our unused servers in our data centers.”

Joohwan Kim, NHN Entertainment Infra Operation Team Leader

Fort Bend County Libraries “FlowCommand gives us great visibility and control, and also does an excellent job of augmenting the security on our network because we can see so much more. From the dashboard, we can now immediately see where traffic is coming from – and can really hone in on, for example, the top 25 applications being used and by which users, devices and locations – on a second-by-second basis. We’ve also gained a lot more control by using the software’s host equalization capability, which ensures every user has equal access to our local Wi-Fi networks and gets great applications performance, regardless of how many users are on the network or what applications they are running.”

Raymond Miranda, Network Specialist at Fort Bend County Libraries

network world testimonial “Saisei’s software suite brings order to chaos and makes the network a highly predictable system that can achieve utilisation rates over 95%.”

Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research

light reading testimonial “Using Saisei’s patented flow control technology, FlowCommand manages traffic without queueing, buffering, scheduling, or random packets drops.”

MITCH WAGNER, West Coast Bureau Chief, Light Reading

it world canada testimonial“Vendors that make competing network optimisation solutions like Cisco Systems, Riverbed and Silver Peak have been trying to do something similar but haven’t put the pieces together yet the way Saisei has.”

Howard Solomon, former editor of and Computing Canada

ema testimonial“The combination of deep visibility plus granular, automated, policy-based control has long been sought as the holy grail of network capacity and performance optimisation.”

Jim Frey, vice president of research, Enterprise Management Associates