Saisei Helps Sunway Digital Wave Deliver Fair Usage and a VIP User Experience on SDN

MSP provides fair and equal services access to all users, increases network performance and security, cuts network costs by $80K using Saisei FlowCommand

Sunnyvale, CA — April 29th, 2016

Saisei, the leading provider of network analytics, visibility and control for next-gen networks, announced today that Sunway Digital Wave (SDW) is using Saisei FlowCommand to guarantee fair and equal access to network services and a superior quality of experience (QoE) to all subscribers.

As the managed services provider (MSP) to Malaysia’s largest property-construction group — with hospitality, retail, healthcare, education, leisure, commercial offices and real estate, manufacturing, property and construction businesses operating in 50 locations worldwide — SDW has a big job. They must deliver consistent, high-quality services and Internet access to a vast and varied community of APAC users bringing new applications and next-gen devices onto their network. SDW has been building out its Software Defined Network (SDN) to support business expansion to new regions and new residential and commercial customers outside the Sunway groups as well.

“One of the big challenges we faced was the first and largest users accessing our network consumed most of the bandwidth, compromising performance for other users and high-priority applications. We started to get complaints about network performance from customers frustrated by slow applications and Internet access,” said Daniel Soh, Assistant General Manager, Sunway Digital Wave.

SDW had been using Exinda’s Network Orchestrator, and evaluated other WAN optimization and DPI solutions like BlueCoat’s PacketShaper, but none provided fair usage and the deeper, real-time network analytics and control they needed.

“We implemented Saisei’s FlowCommand software because it was the only solution we found that could provide fair usage to all users. Customers get what they pay for and we can deliver the bandwidth needed for a high-quality, reliable user experience. Customers are much happier with the network performance, we get fair fewer complaints these days,” said Soh.

SDW has deployed FlowCommand at the heart of their SDN network, and all Internet traffic goes through it. Taking advantage of patented flow-control technology, the software guarantees each user or host has equal access to the network regardless of how many users are on the network or what applications they are running. It identifies, monitors and controls every single flow on a critical broadband link – up to millions of concurrent data, voice and video sessions – in real time without any impact on network performance. Aggressive applications — including P2P applications, high volumes of YouTube traffic or file transfers, that grab huge percentages of link bandwidth and crash other users – get the same percentage of a link’s bandwidth as every other user on the network.

$80K Bandwidth Cost Savings, Capex Delayed, Security Posture Enhanced

“Fair usage was the biggest requirement for us, but FlowCommand has provided a number of other great benefits in terms of much more advanced and instantaneous visibility, analytics and control. The control of our bandwidth is markedly better across the board. We’ve improved bandwidth utilization by more than 30%, which has translated into a more than $80,000 bandwidth cost savings and delayed capex on upgrades for more than 6 months,” said Soh.

With FlowCommand’s metadata analytics, SDW can identify traffic details on all users, applications, and locations on their network. They can see bandwidth usage and types of traffic coming through, and can even report this back to customers on a regular basis so they can take actions as needed.

“A good example of this…FlowCommand enabled us to see that traffic from student hostels and dormitories at Sunway University typically peaked between 4 p.m. and 1 a.m., so we’d need more bandwidth then and could allocate it to the hostel. With time-based policy control, we can now share the daily and historical usage reports with the university and show changing usage trends and how we’re conserving resources and managing available bandwidth strategically,” said Soh.

FlowCommand has also helped augment SDW’s security posture. They are able to identify problems early and mitigate them early. They can drill down further to pinpoint the exact user and device and intervene if there are any security threats or activities taking place outside of the customer’s acceptable use policy, such as traffic from an unknown source.

This granular, real-time network visibility and control has also helped the service provider troubleshoot and resolve network issues more quickly. “FlowCommand’s ease-of-use and intuitive interface are also really appreciated by our operations staff,” added Soh.

About Saisei
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