Total Visibility
and Control for
the Enterprise

It’s Your Bandwidth.  Why Aren’t You Using It?

If you run a large enterprise, data center, education or government network, you know all too well the operational sea changes you are facing:

  • The explosion of applications and bandwidth consumption where BYOD traffic is now the norm for the younger members of the workforce
  • The proliferation of rogue users and peer-to-peer traffic that interfere with business
  • The federated nature of business-critical applications now driving you to the cloud
  • Increasing regulations on data monitoring and reporting
  • Integrating new VDI and SaaS rollouts and making them successful
  • Multiple silos of equipment and software that generally do not play well with others
  • Knowing the next data-breach-du-jour could be yours

And you’re probably tired of addressing these issues with networking technology solutions that were developed in the 1990s. The tools at your disposal are beginning to feel more like museum curiosities than an effective Network Operations Center.

In the data center can anyone hear you scream? Saisei can.

As a large enterprise, you have a stack of expensive, aging 1RU appliances sitting at the edges of your network, including things like WAN optimizers, packet shapers, application development controllers, next-gen firewalls and more that increasingly feel like they belong in a new wing of the Smithsonian Museum.  These have primarily been deployed to compensate for the inherently chaotic and random behavior of routed TCP/IP packet transmission itself. Many of these devices, such as WAN optimizers, actually mask flaws in your underlying network, making it almost impossible to make informed decisions about IT usage and investment.

With the pressure of mobile, cloud and Internet of Things traffic mounting daily, Saisei decided the time for band-aids and patchwork solutions had passed. We developed a set of patents that allows routed IP links under the control of Saisei FlowCommand™ to behave in an orderly and predictable fashion. No more queuing. No more scheduling. No more brute-force QoS mechanisms that drop user sessions at 50% link utilization. Enhanced user experience can now be the norm. In fact, under FlowCommand, no user sessions will ever be dropped again. We call this Network Performance Enforcement (NPE).

And FlowCommand does this on off-the-shelf Intel x86-based servers and/or on VMs under hypervisor control.

What are the benefits of these new capabilities to the enterprise?

Return 100% of your idle reserved bandwidth to productive use immediately. Today you are only using about half of the bandwidth you have paid for and deployed. Our software allows you to run your links at over 95% utilization 24×7 with guaranteed No-Flow-Left-Behind™ user session delivery.

Cap your purchases of outdated single-purpose edge appliances – and their predatory maintenance contracts.  These were designed only as workarounds to certain TCP/IP deficiencies in heavily loaded networks.  Upgrade your network and your user experience to the new best practice of predictable, guaranteed session delivery via easy-to-use software running on commodity processors.

With 40 metrics checked for every flow in real-time, you can finally know the exact performance your carriers are providing with their SLAs.

FlowCommand’s unique Net Neutrality feature guarantees that all flows receive fair and equal treatment — equal bandwidth allocation, regardless of the traffic load attempting to use the link. No rogue users, no P2P sessions and no flood of traffic can negatively impact this fair-usage enforcement or break a link under FlowCommand control. Net Neutrality directly addresses the critical network congestion and abuse issues faced by a number of enterprise vertical segments, such as universities, airports, large sports venues and hotels.

The efficiency, ease-of-use and granular flexibility that FlowCommand brings to network operators means that not only can more users be accommodated as a matter of course, but that more projects – VDI rollouts, SaaS implementations and so on – can be successfully implemented in far less time as well.

And it’s all standards-based

FlowCommand is standard, Linux-based virtual appliance software that runs exclusively on Intel x86 processors and memory.  It is built to operate in both bare metal and virtualized environments. There is no requirement for dedicated storage. Data entering FlowCommand is standard TCP/IP traffic and data exiting FlowCommand is also standard TCP/IP traffic. All the control, visibility and manipulation of the flows are applied in-system.

All Saisei NPE solutions come with a powerful and flexible RESTful API for easy integration with third-party systems as well as GUI and CLI interfaces. The Saisei GUI is ideal for fast policy creation. Want to prioritize certain application traffic?  Block or limit traffic to a foreign country or a questionable web site? Achieve all of this with just a few clicks.

FlowCommand’s extensive flow data set can also be exported to an external flow collector or analytics platform via an open IPFIX interface.

FlowCommand provides a single system of real-time insight paired with unprecedented security, bandwidth and business policy enforcement that can scale to the largest networks.

Saisei’s software is critical for us. It’s helping us provide a high-quality gaming experience to our end users around the globe which is important to increasing customer loyalty and expanding our business. Saisei’s software is unique in its ability to do micro-flow level monitoring without packet capturing. Others normally do it by capturing the packets after identifying issues, but FlowCommand can just browse all the traffic flows page by page.   It’s extremely easy to use.

We looked at many of the top networking products but they were very costly and complex, and most were hardware based so we couldn’t utilize our unused servers in our data centers. FlowCommand was unique in that it has the software flexibility that can be deployed in any type of X86 server and provides an instant view of every single flow running across our network.

Joohwan Kim,  Infra Operation Team Leader, NHN Entertainment