Change the Rules You Think You Live By

Since the dawn of DARPA and the Internet, enterprise and service provider network operators have faced the same old ‘no-win’ situation: they have had to purchase twice the bandwidth they actually need and keep half in reserve for peak IP traffic loads to make up for poor TCP/IP packet delivery.

No more.

The founders of Saisei, using new patents from one of the founders of the Internet itself, thought it was time to change all that and break these rules in order to bring about a “rebirth” in routed IP network behavior.

To this end, Saisei has brought to market the first in a new class of networking solution.  Saisei’s Network Performance Enforcement (NPE) solution makes flow-based network links higher performing, more secure, scalable, ordered and more predictable than any traditional packet-based routed IP network today – physical or virtual.

Whether you have an SDN, NFV, or legacy infrastructure, Saisei’s Network Performance Enforcement solution optimizes scale, control and bandwidth utilization just the way network operators have always wanted.  No more paying double to use half your bandwidth.

That’s what you can do when you are no longer bound by the rules everyone else has to follow.

A Saisei-controlled network comes with a No-Flow-Left-Behind™ guarantee that lets you run network links at over 95% utilization while knowing that no user session will ever be dropped.  Period.

Network Performance Enforcement represents a brand new industry solution category and best practice for large enterprises and service providers worldwide, offering unprecedented control, visibility and scalability of users, applications and devices across networks.

These three pillars — control, visibility and scalability — comprise the essence of NPE.